A note from Team Vatsalya

During this crisis situation which has put the entire world into fear, our team has a special message to all the dentists:

Hats off to all Dentists and dental hygienists during this crisis , our team of doctors , healthcare hygienists and other supporting people are the real heroes. It is without a question or a doubt that everyone involved with patient care are an integral part of well being of the patients. We truly are the best and no kidding we take hygiene very very seriously all our dental clinics are sanitised every moment the treatment is over.

You can read about us at www.vatsalyadental.com or watch multiple videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Z6lj_SWjIZYjDKQvuTMIA where our chairman / CEO has been always very critical to infection control and hygiene for over 25 yrs he has been advising all dentists across the globe in best practises in dentistry

Thank you Dr Srivats Bharadwaj for your exemplary leadership 🙏

Best wishes to everyone
Vatsalya Dental Team
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