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About Vatsalya

About Vatsalya Dental

Vatsalya Dental Clinic was founded in 2003 by Dr Srivats Bharadwaj and one assistant. Vatsalya Dental Clinic today has expanded to 6 centers in Bangalore. Apart from its social initiatives that train people in preventive dentistry, Vatsalya Dental Clinic provides end-to-end dental treatment at the doorstep. Vatsalya Dental is one of the best dental clinics in Bangalore, with best dental care in Bangalore.


Vatsalya Dental Clinic is one of the finest and most advanced dental clinics in Bangalore, listed in the top  dental clinics in Bangalore. The organization employs a 55 member team with over 30 dedicated doctors bringing together unmatched expertise. Focused on preventive dentistry, the team also works on various social efforts to sensitize the community on the importance of oral health. Every member of Vatsalya encompasses our founder’s strong belief in hygiene and affordable dental care.


Located in Bangalore, which is the capital of India’s southern Karnataka state, the center of India’s high-tech industry, this dental clinic is state-of-the-art, furnished with modern equipment and with thorough attention paid to hygiene and sanitation. It is a Medi Assist approved dental clinic in Bangalore and is designed keeping the patients comfort in mind. One of the most special as well as unique features of the clinic includes a well-equipped attached laboratory. At Vatsalya Dental, all patients are assured of the best services in dental health care in a very non-stressful and comforting ambiance.


Our Philosophy

Vatsalya means “Compassion”


We believe in providing utmost care to our patients and this is strengthened by our top notch technologies. Our protocols ensure enhanced patient experience, understanding of the need and efficient results. We support our patients with every dental need from maintenance, restorative treatment, and cosmetic dentistry to emergencies. While there are a large number of testimonials of happy and satisfied patients at Vatsalya, one really experiences it better by booking an appointment for dental checkup at the centre.

Our founder Dr Srivats Bharadwaj is passionate about contributing to the society. Vatsalya engages in regular community service activities and creates awareness on the importance of preventive dental care and oral hygiene. We also offer quality home dental services for disabled, senior citizens, expectant mothers and those unable to visit a clinic. Keeping in mind the general dental treatment cost in Bangalore we are also one of the best places with cheap dental treatment.

Our Story

Vatsalya dental began its journey in the year 2003 holding the hands of Dr. Srivats Bharadwaj. The mission with which Vatsalya Dental started its journey was preventive dentistry. Today it has mastered in end to end multifaceted dental service and has pioneered to be the first dental clinic in Bangalore and in India to incorporate the home dental services.


Beginning our journey with just two people today we have large efficient team with the best dental doctors in Bangalore. Today you don’t need to search for a dentist near JP Nagar, Kanakapura, Kormangala, Rajajinagar, Arekere, and Jayanagar, because the best dental clinic in Bangalore Vatsalya Dental has its branches in all these areas.


From preventive suggestions, to village dental practice to providing dental treatment in Bangalore at a affordable price, we have reasons enough to have earned the position in the top dental clinics in Bangalore. Despite such jewels in our aprons our main purpose is to secure the dental health of every person visiting us.

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