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A note from Team Vatsalya

During this crisis situation which has put the entire world into fear, our team has a special message to all the dentists: Hats off to all Dentists and dental hygienists during this crisis , our team of doctors , healthcare hygienists and other supporting people are the real heroes. It is without a question or […]

The Dento Jungle!

Everybody has a child inside us, where innovations and inquisitiveness meet no boundaries. We kept moving forward, new doors opened, we ventured because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down to new paths, strategic direction for, Vatsalya Dental focuses on generating the best dental care possible by fostering innovation and utilizing the latest technology. […]

Time To Seal Out Tooth Decay

Have you ever wondered why you still end up with cavities in spite of maintaining good oral hygiene? You might be brushing, flossing even and following all instructions your dentist has asked you to, yet you develop a small cavity. Or, you do not have any cavity so far and would like to ensure that […]

Dentistry In India And The Scope Of Improvement

There has been a great deal of discussion for decades about “What after BDS?“! The most common options for dental graduates is either attempt for a masters degree or look for opportunities abroad . With 300 plus dental schools in India, producing about 30,000 graduates a year with only about 3000 post graduate seats available […]