Dentistry In India And The Scope Of Improvement

There has been a great deal of discussion for decades about “What after BDS?“!

The most common options for dental graduates is either attempt for a masters degree or look for opportunities abroad .

With 300 plus dental schools in India, producing about 30,000 graduates a year with only about 3000 post graduate seats available and to top it all the Indian degrees holding no validity in most sought after countries poses a formidable barrier for the fresh dentist. Is it a check mate!?

It almost seems like there is no future for the young Indian dentist. With globalisation and access to information through the web, it’s no more true that the Indian dentist is any less equipped with access to knowledge. Then, what are the reasons for this “saturation“ ? Why are there no jobs? Why are there no academic opportunities in dental colleges? Why are the salaries so poor?

By statistics, the oral health awareness among the common man is increasing, the number of dental clinics and chains are increasing but the dental community is feeling suffocated and blocked with no opportunities for growth.
Most dentists are quitting the profession and doing odd jobs. How can we change this situation and create a positive impact for our dentists?

What’s lacking in our dentists or the system which has caused this situation?

Honestly, I feel the scope for dentistry is unlimited and frankly, the profession is just beginning to blossom in this subcontinent. With increasing awareness about oral health and it’s link to general health, the population is no more neglecting oral health .

There needs to be a change in our attitude towards our profession and we must aspire to bridge the gap between what we learn during our college education versus the needs of the community we serve.

The dental community needs to redirect its vision and create more space and encourage impact research and innovation.

There is a whole new dimension to our profession when we approach it in a more pragmatic practical and innovative way.

There is an urgent need for all of us to redirect our focus and spend some time in getting ourselves equipped with the right attitude to strengthen basics. Our present focus has been towards learning skills and fine tuning them but what we have forgotten is that for us to be able to use these skills we need our basics strong, else, we will remain more like technicians and not a scientifically driven community.

What’s stopping us from creating a practical and scientifically driven community of dentists? Why can’t we invest our energy and time during the beginning days of our career by gathering knowledge and harnessing ideas with which we work on for the betterment of our future.

Is there no way out? Do we give up our profession or pick up the threads and be the change ?

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