Home Dental Services

Home Dental Services

We are proud to be the first in India to provide Home Dental Services. If you are homebound or have difficulty in getting out to our clinic, we are happy to provide our quality service in the comfort of your home.

We’re helping to treat the ‘hard to reach’ areas of the community by bringing our Home dental service to you. Our mobile units are designed to be accessible for everyone whether you are fully mobile, use walking aids, are a wheelchair user or need a hoist. We travel anywhere in Bangalore and to locations within. For a smile makeover choose a service you are interested in from the buttons here and you will find a map which shows you where we can travel to.

In order to achieve health, it is necessary to know few aspects of old age. In due course of old age body tissues get harder, collection of waste products in body cells and loss of lubrication leads to impaired functions of various organs. The design and implementation of comprehensive preventive dentistry protocols for elders presents the dental profession with many challenges. At Vatsalya dental we love accomplishing challenges, thus with the best dentists in Bangalore we provide efficient geriatric dental care.
If you have a child or an adult with special needs at your home and they are unable to reach the clinic for their dental checkup, our domiciliary service is available for people who are completely homebound due to their medical, physical or mental condition. To find out more, visit www.vatsalyadental.com Vatsalya Dental has the best dentists in Bangalore to care for children with a variety of physical and intellectual disabilities. To find out more about services for children with intellectual or physical disabilities, no need to search for a good dental clinic in Bangalore, just contact us.
To achieve and maintain good oral health, people with mild or moderate developmental disabilities often require a special approach to dental care. With some adaptation of the skills and the best dentists in Bangalore, most people with special needs can be treated successfully in the general practice setting in a good dental clinic in Bangalore named Vatsalya Dental.
Oral malaise prevents us from enjoying the aspects of our lives that truly matter. That’s why our team at Vatsalya Dental is committed to patient-centered care and top dental services. Don’t let your oral discomfort stop you from living the life you deserve! Call us directly at “number” to schedule a consultation and get your life back. If you are suffering from dental issues, and searching for a good dentist and dental clinic in Bangalore , Vatsalya Dental is your solution.