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Maxillofacial Oral Surgery

Maxillofacial Oral Surgery

An oral and maxillofacial procedure treats the entire area of the mouth, jaws, face, skull, as well as associated structures. This not just addresses your dental concerns but also helps in positively enhancing your lifestyle.

Best dental surgeons in Bangalore at Vatsalya Dental, works with patients of all ages from newborn babies to elderly people, to provide the best Oral and maxillofacial surgery. Maxillofacial oral surgery for children who are born with or develop deformities of their skull or face including cleft lip/palate, is much difficult than of adults, but with the help of top dentists in Bangalore Vatsalya Dental has been successful in most of such surgeries. Much of their work with young adults involves surgery following an injury or accident. In the older population they often treat oral cancer and skin tumors of the face and head.

Tooth extractions are possibly the most common procedure that maxillofacial oral surgery involves. Patients are often referred to such surgery when wisdom teeth are impacted, that is, forming in a position where they can’t erupt or grow into the bite properly. Minor surgery is usually required to remove impacted wisdom teeth, and is generally recommended even if the impacted teeth aren’t (yet) producing any symptoms.
Dental cysts are growths in the mouth that occur due to infection, disease of the gum tissue or an infection in the pulp chambers of teeth. Maxillofacial oral surgery is done to remove such cysts further preventing dysfunctional tooth structure.
Surgery for jaw correction and plating is sometimes needed when orthodontics is not enough to correct a misaligned bite. In other cases, surgical treatment is necessary to repair birth defects, or to treat severe orthodontic conditions, skeletal problems, and other disorders. Maxillofacial Oral surgery often works closely with orthodontists in planning and carrying out this type of surgery, which may be needed when orthodontics alone can’t correct the problem.
Facial scars can arise from trauma or surgery. Scar revision is designed to improve or disguise the appearance of an existing scar. Certain maxillofacial oral surgeries involve the curing of such scars
Trauma management has improved over the past few decades thereby reducing mortality in the golden hour. However, challenges remain, and one such area is maxillofacial injuries in a polytrauma patient. Which is why dentists at Vatsalya Dental, are professionals who can cure such traumas. In addition to these common procedures, oral and maxillofacial surgery may be recommended for cases of obstructive sleep apnea, facial pain and infection, biopsies and removal of lesions, and diagnosis and treatment of some oral cancers.