The Dento Jungle!

Everybody has a child inside us, where innovations and inquisitiveness meet no boundaries. We kept moving forward, new doors opened, we ventured because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down to new paths, strategic direction for, Vatsalya Dental focuses on generating the best dental care possible by fostering innovation and utilizing the latest technology.

With a commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation, Vatsalya Dental came up with first of its kind, a theme park based dental centre, spread over 8000 square feet. Visitors both young and young at heart can immerse themselves in a world which is for everyone to escape into! It is an exclusive kid’s dental office where we have left no stone unturned to meet the unmatched quality of dental care for your kid. We have a team comprising of Pediatric Dentists and Dentists of all specialties to handle your child’s various dental needs under one roof. The dentists at Vatsalya Dental encompass a diverse range of knowledge, perspective, and experience to guide and drive long-term value to the care provided to your child and family.

We don’t confine ourselves to the walls of our clinic; we bring dental care near you. Vatsalya Dental is one of the leading providers of home dental care, making memories that last a lifetime.

Here, you will be able to avail a spectrum of dental treatment and you can get all the answers to your childs tooth related issues. We concentrate exclusively on preventive dental care. To support this we are equipped with a state of the art dental chairs which are comfortable for your kids and a panoramic x-ray machine (OPG) which has a children program for minimum exposure and also advanced technologies like laser for minimum invasive and painless procedures.

Services provided under family dentistry and pediatric dental care are :

1) Dental check up

2) Diet counselling

3) Prevention and detection of early childhood caries

4) Cleaning of the teeth

5) Dental sealants and filling

6) Fluoride therapy

7) Interceptive and Preventive orthodontics

8) Habit breaking appliances

9) Special needs dentistry

10) Tooth implant

11) Cosmetic dental care and braces

12) Laser Dentistry

13) Non Invasive cancer screening by Velscope

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